wedding proposal

In this last season some "boyfriends" call me asking my help to plan something of special for their wedding proposal! My first experience was been at Fontana di Trevi… he kneeled in front of her while a guitar plays a roman song. She said "yes".
In June another guy, from India, decided to plan a secret photo shooting around the centre of Rome, planned with my photographer and me. Before the end of dinner, in the restaurant with best view of Rome, he met secretly the video maker, to hide the microphone under his jacket… Then they down hill the Spanish Step, and after a sweet hug, he showed her a cards with his wedding proposal; he kneeled and she said "yes"!
In October we plan another "movie" with and incredible and romantic guy, that imagine his proposal on the terrace with an breathless view in the Colosseum; in this case I will be the "owner" and wife of his co-worker!

Any wedding proposal has a different plot and with my staff I can help you to realize it. And I confess that the level of stress is higher than the wedding. Because during the wedding the couple knows what's happen, chose all details of ceremony and reception. The photographer doesn't be hide under the monuments or the walls, the video maker should not like a tourist and I don't wait your proposal with a Go Pro fixed at my hat…

wedding proposal

But during the proposal, everything is a big question mark… She'll say yes? We hope

I'm very happy when I can share with these guys this romantic day! The decision to share with the half of your soul the rest of your life...
It does not easy plan all steps and respect your idea of this incredible moment, but with my staff I will support and help in any your choices!

Rome offers any type of scenario for your wedding proposal: intimate, secret, flash mob, terrace with view, and park in the heart of city. And I'm waiting to be your future Italian Wedding Planner, after her YES!!!