To do list

"We must organize our wedding, but we don't know where to start from and what to expect". Well, usually my newlyweds call me one year and an half earlier the wedding but it's not the rule. It also depends on the type of ceremony and reception they have in mind, if will be a "classic wedding" or a "wedding elopement": for this last case only few months are enough! You need to think about the date of wedding, the church or Town hall, the guests, the wedding cards, the venue for reception, the menu, the flowers and arrangements, the rings, the photographer, the dress, the hair-style and make-up, the almonds, the wedding cake, the wedding list, the honeymoon… and the all little but important details. A perfect "tour de force" especially if you are thinking to do in Italy! No panic… an Italian Wedding Planner like me, can now give you some good advice.

To do list
To do list

The planning of your wedding in Italy can be demanding but very exciting especially because we can choose among many different solutions for your big day. Are u ready to create your list? take a pen or smartphone or computer, the calendar and start to organize all details… doing a wedding schedule, to know what to do and especially when!
To begin it is important to know what kind of wedding you want, the style that you would like to follow. There are some very important questions: civil, religious or symbolic ceremony? Do you prefer lunch or dinner? What is the estimate number of your guests? Do you have an estimate budget? Which type of venue imagine for your reception?

To do list

From these initial choices derive all others; it is useful to prepare and follow a list of "what to do"; here you can find an example created for you:

  • Prepare the list of guests and inform the witnesses to know if they are available to follow you in abroad, for your Destination Wedding in Italy
  • Choose and booking the Church or Hall of Town for your ceremony
  • Check your paperwork to get married in Italy, especially in case of a second marriage
  • Choose the Italian wedding venue for your reception
  • Look the different style for the flowers and arrangements to have an idea to submit to the florist for the composition (for the church and reception), bouquet and buttonholes.
  • Look for the different solutions for the photographer and the filmmaker
  • Define the menu for the reception
  • Begin to look for the wedding dress; you can go in the Internet and magazines. Go to the shops, try all the dresses that you want and when you are sure, take it and fix the dates for the proofs. If you would like to have an Italian wedding dress, no problem, we organize for you! Remember to choose also the shoes and possible accessories.
  • Choose the wedding cards, print and send minimum three months before. In this way your guests can organize for the trip. You can also send the "saving date" when you have decided the date of wedding, and the later the wedding cards.
  • Do the wedding list (Advice: it would be better for your guests, to have the wedding list in your own country.)
  • Choose the destination for your honeymoon; in Italy there are many cities that are waiting for you. We can do the wedding list in the travel agency for your honeymoon.
  • Choose the music for the ceremony and the reception. Moreover you can choose among many different solutions of entertainment also for the children.
  • Fix the date for the proof of hair-stylist and make-up. Try the best solution in base of skin, face and dress; try different colours and hairstyles.  
  • Think of the transfer for your guests and the car for you
  • Choose the rings
  • Define disposition of your guests at the tables. Two weeks before the wedding day ask the last confirmation of your guests and one week before, communicate the definite number for the reception.
To do list

Plan all these aspects for your Italian wedding it is not simple if you don't live in Italy; it asks time and big challenge because Italy is a bureaucratic country. The tips of wedding planner could be very useful because you must know every aspect of how a marriage is organized; you must know the territory and the budget at your disposal: if your ideas are clear, it saves a lot of stress and you can organize in advance with better results.