wedding paperwork italy

In Italy the couple can choose which ceremony desire to plan: religious, civil or symbolic. While for the last type it's not necessary any type of paperwork, for the others the couple must present a list of paperwork in a specific range of time... not too early and too late.
The list of documents change in base at type of ceremony. He I can explain in simply way some passages:

RELIGIOUS CEREMONY in a Catholic Church
The couple can choose between the canonical marriage or agreed marriage.

Canonical - the couple celebrates the civil legal marriage usually in their country, before the arrival in Italy where will be celebrate the marriage in the church. Two different and separate ceremonies. In this case the doc are these:

  1. Certificate of Baptism
  2. Certificate of Confirmation
  3. Attendance certificate of Class pre-marriage

Agreed - the couple chooses to have only one ceremony, in Italy, and prepares the paperwork either for the religious either for the civil part. In this case this is the paperwork:

  1. Certificate of Baptism
  2. Certificate of Confirmation
  3. Attendance certificate of Class pre-marriage

At these we must add the list of documents that we must have and present at the Town Hall.
There isn't a unique list, because in base at the citizen ship and at the agreements signed between Nations, changes the procedure to obtain the Nulla Osta to get married in Italy.

wedding paperwork italy
wedding paperwork italy

There is also the option that only one of the couple is baptized and confirmed; the other one cannot be confirmed or baptized or can profess another religion; in this case we will have a "mixed marriage" and will be required the DISPENSATION for the unbeliever.
With your priest you can prepare the paperwork relatives at the "religious part". He will send all at your Local Curia and then here in Italy at the Vicariate of the city where u want get married. I will give you the exact address and also all info about the priest who will celebrate your marriage. You need have his name, surname and church where is "works". Obviously I can offer you the chance to have your ceremony celebrate in your language and for the Anglican ceremonies or Jewish ceremonies write me to to have more info about it.

In only one page I can't explain all step by step for all countries of the world but like your Italian Wedding Planner I can try to write about someone! For the most of European Countries follow the procedure is faster: for them is requested only the "Capacità Matrimoniale". I decided to spent some more words for the citizens for with I often plan the weddings. For the Civil Union the procedure is similar but to have more info, pls write me soon at

wedding paperwork italy
wedding paperwork italy


At this link you can find step by step.

The procedure now is very easy but there some little differences in case you:

  • Live in the UK
  • Come from England, Wales, Scotland, Channel Island, Isle of Man, North of Ireland
  • National of you partner
  • Opposite o same sex

In this example I supposed that both live in the UK, in England and are of opposite sex

  1. For both will need to get a certificate of no impediment (CNI) from the authorities in the UK to prove you're allowed to marry.
  2. While you're waiting for your CNI, you and your partner will need to make a statutory declaration before a solicitor or public notary. There's a standard form in English and Italian that you can download and use.
  3. You'll need to get your statutory declaration and CNI 'legalised' by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.
  4. Both can sign a proxy that permits me to book for you the Town Hall in Italy.
  5. Send me all the original docs and proxy by DHL or similar (NOT ROYAL MAIL, please). I will bring your CNI to the official translator to do a sworn translation at the Italian Courts. Usually the price for this service is 130,00 € for both CNI.
  6. You can send me the copy of your passports by email with the passport copies of your witnesses; in case you get married without any guests, will be me care bring the witnesses.
  7. Usually the Town Hall asks to the couple to go some days before the wedding, also the day before, to sign a final document. In Rome, this procedure is not requested. You can arrive also the day of the wedding :)
wedding paperwork italy


At this link you can find your step by step:

  1. Obtain the Atto Notorio from the Italian Consulate in the U.S. or in the country where do you live now. IMPORTANT: In case the Italian Consulate doesn't issue the doc, write me soon to and I will fix a date to the Italian Court.
  2. I can fix a date also with the U.S. Embassy in Rome for the "Dichiarazione Giurata". You can fill the form but DON'T SIGN before to be in front of the Consul.
  3. Then I can go to legalize the Consul's signature to the Prefettura.
  4. With the proxy with your original signature, I can go to the Town Hall and book the hall for your wedding. I need also to have a copy of your passports and the copies of your witnesses' passports.
  5. Once married, obtain the Apostille on your marriage certificate.
wedding paperwork italy


At this link you can find your "step by step"
I will collect for you the paperwork here in Rome with the Canadian Embassy and then with the Prefecture of the city where u want get married. Some months ago I went in Venice for one of my couple to legalize their wedding certificate before to come back at the Canadian Embassy for the final step.

wedding paperwork italy


For the Lebanese the procedure is easy and faster. You can send to me or directly to the Embassy (I will give u all info about it) these documents:

  • extract of certificate to Individual Civil Status (not familiar) legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon
  • certificate of residence (issued by the Mucthar) legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Lebanon
  • copy of valid passport

I can go to the Embassy to take your Nulla osta (17€ for each nulla osta), then I can go to the Prefecture to legalize the Nulla Osta and come back to legalize the Wedding certificate before to finalize all procedure.

For all other national ship write me at to have all info and REMEMBER that the value for the marriage paperwork is only 6 months and for some citizens, 3 months!!!

wedding paperwork italy